The Star Ocean Universe

The Star Ocean Universe

[sticky post]31 Days of Halloween Prompt List
Luther Lansfeld
01. orange blinking lights
02. skittles and starburst
03. chocolate
04. apple cider
05. bobbing for apples
06. mask
07. costumes/dress up
08. invitation
09. the party
10. trick-or-treat
11. the veil between the living and the dead
12. fall colours
13. ghostly excursions
14. witch's brew
15. black cats and paper mache' bats
16. haunted
17. pumpkin carving 101
18. "That's scary!"
19. Friday the 13th
20. moonlight madness
21. popcorn balls
22. night of the werewolf
23. "I vant to suck your blood."
24. not suitable for young children
25. in the forest at midnight
26. paint (can be anything)
27. "the best kind of lawyer is . . ."
28. scream; zombie's fright
29. the magic behind it
30. Day of the Dead
31. Halloween

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Day 6 of the 31 Days of Halloween
Luther Lansfeld
Today's Prompts are bobbing for apples; Night of the Werewolf; bonfire

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Ask the Star Ocean Character/Conversation Topic
Luther Lansfeld
I'm still so very far behind on getting the reboot for Ask the Star Ocean Character going. I will get it done!

In the meantime, here is the reminder for the next segment of Ask the Star Ocean Character, a special segment for my 40th birthday. The featured character is a favorite of mine, Edge Maverick. His segment will apepar on the 27th of this month, the deadline is the 25th.

Limit three questions per person (you can ask one but no more than three, if you so wish). No foul language. Leave all questions in the comments.

So now for the conversation topic, and it's a throwback for Throwback Thursday. A few years ago, I posted this to the journals.

"I do have an interesting question to pose to everyone who has played Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Why do you think Fayt goes on a family vacation with his parents when he's a college student and doesn't spend much time with them anyway?"

That is the interesting topic for the day. Why does Fayt, a college student, go on a winter vacation with his parents? (And, yes, I say winter because of the numbers involved for the date Robert and Ryoko Leingod go missing.) I do presume he's on a winter break from his college so maybe that's the reason why the vacation with his parents instead of heading to a popular college spring break destination.

Man, this realization gives me fanfiction ideas.

Of course, it could be the one time where Robert and Ryoko are able to take the time off (holidays) and want that family vacation they've always been meaning to take. Instead of being humorous, though, like National Lampoon's Vacation and European Vacation, it takes a dark and rather deadly turn.

What do my fellow Star Ocean fans think?

Days 4 and 5 of the 31 Days of Halloween
Luther Lansfeld
Yesterday's prompts are: party favors; fake vampire teeth; ghost
Today's prompts are: black; skull, apples

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Day 3 of the 31 Days of Halloween
Luther Lansfeld
Today's prompts are fall colors, Halloween party, hot chocolate

Star Ocean Birthdays - October
Luther Lansfeld
Most of these are going to be rather unofficial. The only games that received birthdays were Second Story/Second Evolution and The Last Hope, and I've included bosses and NPCs into my birthday lists. If it's an NPC or from a game outside of Second Story/Second Evolution and the Last Hope, it's one I've designated. (My fellow Star Ocean fans are welcome to use mine or to come up with their own for the unofficial birthdays.)

This is in order of game release, not chronoligical (either in terms of the month or storylines for the games themselves).

Star Ocean: A Spacy Odyssey/First Departure
Ronyx J. Kenny – October 12

Star Ocean: Second Story/Second Evolution
Chisato Madison – October 21

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Albel Nox – October 30
Robert Leingod – October 24

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Steven D. Kenny – October 27
Eleyna Farrence - October 1

I'll update the list with Integrity and Faithlessness as soon as I sit myself down with a character list. I will try not to wait too long to get them on. If I have any more October babies added, I want them to be able to celebrate with the rest of us October babies.

Ask the Star Ocean Character is coming soon! Still working on it!

Conversation Topic - Talking About Favorite Star Ocean Moments
Luther Lansfeld
This is just get some conversation going amongst my fellow Star Ocean fans. So let's take a moment to talk about a favorite moment. It can be from a single game, it can be from each of the games. It's whatever anyone wants to mention. This is a spoiler zone, too, so everyone please be advised.

For me, I have a few favorites, and they jump from game to game.

From Integrity and Faithlessness, my favorite moment is after Emerson and Anne rejoin Fidel and Miki after Reilia's abduction. Emerson's feeling guilty, and he's giving Fidel permission to smack him. Fidel refuses, and Miki's like, "Fine, I'll do it".

Fidel stops her. His reasoning is this: By striking another person, all you're proving is that your hands can leave bruises, too.

That's quite profound coming from a twenty-year-old character. Given his environment, it actually does make a lot of sense that he does have that wisdom. It's in this respect, he and Fayt share similar qualities in similar situations. (Of Fayt's wisdom, his is based on how we, the players, play him out in the private actions, but he's given the option all the same.)

I haven't gotten too far into Star Ocean: The Second Story just yet so I don't have a favorite moment overall. Rena sticking with Dias in the village losing its children was awesome, and that's how I knew I love Dias. (Means I need another play-through so I can actually recruit him.)

The Last Hope is a bit more difficult. While I love the game, it was too short compared to Till the End of Time, and Edge waxes poetic about evolution a little too much.

The best moment, for me, is when Faize lets go of Edge's hand, and Edge follows. He knows he can't get to the transporter symbol in time, and the lives of his crew outweigh his.

Finally, I come to Till the End of Time. Oh my goodness. Aside from being my favorite game out of the whole series (meaning I will have a lot of favorite moments), I have to say my most absolute favorites are tied between the Ethereal Blast scene and Fayt realizing that, even as everything he knows and love is being supposedly wiped from existence, his faith in his survival, his entire universe's survival depends on him, and his faith in his life is stronger than what Luther could have convinced him otherwise.

(Post game, because I keep getting the solo endings, is in the third post game dungeon, where everyone battles against the Luther/Fayt duo fighting team. Oh, that is so awesome!)

So, my friends, I've named off my favorite moments. What are yours?


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